Tuesday, September 29

It is unfair: Momen | The Daily Star

Cancellation of readymade garment orders by Western brands is unfair, said Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen as he called upon expatriate Bangladeshis to stand against such actions.

“We seek support from the expatriate community for sensitising the societies about the unfair action by the brands,” he told a video conference with Bangladeshis living in Ireland on Thursday.

Western brands have recently cancelled orders of Bangladesh’s RMG products reportedly worth over $3 billion. Also, there are reports of prices of products being slashed that’s taking economic, health and social tolls across the globe, but developing countries face the brunt on a larger scale.

Bangladesh has been urging the brands as well as governments to honour the orders that they had placed.

Bangladesh is also facing major challenges of job creation at home as overseas jobs decline and several lakhs of Bangladeshi migrants could return home over the next months as the pandemic cripples the economy.

The foreign minister expressed gratitude to the Bangladeshi expatriate community for their support during the Covid-19 crisis.

He flagged that Bangladesh government has always worked for the benefits of Bangladeshis — both in Bangladesh and abroad.

The foreign minister said the government is working to set up an embassy in Dublin.

Saida Muna Tasneem, Bangladeshi high commissioner to the UK and accredited ambassador to Ireland, attended the videoconference.

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