Friday, October 23

Banishing rainy day woes Berger’s latest solution

Rain has adverse effects for buildings. Raindrops contain acidic elements that adversely affect the paints on the exterior wall of any building. There is also the risk of mold, algae infestation which deteriorates the walls. 

For these issues, their latest WeatherCoat AntiDirt Supreme is the ultimate solution to protect homes, with 10 years of durability warranty and 5 years of waterproofing warranty. In addition to Berger’s AntiDirt exterior product range, this paint, with its a thick yet flexible elastomeric exterior wall coating, helps to protect and maintain the appearance of outdoor walls. The paint is also designed to adapt to the change in climate. The unique nano additive technology in this paint offers a shiny finish with excellent weatherproofing against ultraviolet rays, water penetration, and the presence of acidic gases in the atmosphere.

The Weather Coat AntiDirt Supreme is a combined pack of TopCoat and base coat for better durability and longevity. Antidirt Supreme comes in 64 distinct shades for customers to choose from.

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